Our heart belongs to the children of Mustang

For more than ten years, Elisabeth Erne has devoted herself to the children of the forgotten Kingdom of Mustang. With the unwavering support of her relatives and friends her work has born fruit and over the years the network of donors and sponsors has extended all over Switzerland.

Motivated by this success and in order to establish transparent structures, the Foundation „Himalaya’s Children“ was established in January 2009. Its aim is to facilitate schooling for children from indigent families in the Kingdom of Mustang. The Great Compassion Boarding School, founded by Lama Ngawang, is the focus of the Foundation’s commitment.

On behalf of the Foundation, we are looking for new sponsors to coordinate and assist the sponsorships or award grants. Acting as a link between sponsor and child, we provide annual updates on the development of the children and their individual schooling progress, as well as overall reports on the prosperity of the Great Compassion Boarding School. We also consult and attend the executive school board. Furthermore, we participate actively in financing the construction and maintenance of all school buildings and living quarters of both children and staff.

In everything we do, we try to respect the local living habits, culture and ethics of the people of Mustang. We remain neutral in political and religious affairs and do not seek any commercial profit.

Himalaya's Children - Kingdom of Mustang Himalaya's Children - Kingdom of Mustang Himalaya's Children - Kingdom of Mustang